Why is the Midwest so dang Awesome??

Dairy farmHome On the Range. Yes, that is what I think about when I think about the Midwest. I would love to have a home on the range. I live in the city now but often dream of having my own little farm somewhere in South Dakota or even moving my family to Wyoming. People are simple and grain grows as far as the eye can see. The winters are harsh and the summers are short but it is home…and home is where the heart is.

Let’s live where the green grass grows. Tim McGraw has a song where he sings: “let’s live where the green grass grows where our corn pops up and rows”. Yes if only life was that simple but things are not like it was 100 years ago when everyone farmed for a living and everyone had lots of kids to help them on the farm. But I can dream can’t I? Everywhere I went in North and South Dakota I would see fields of corn and soybeans and thought there was no way our nation could run out of food! Heck we even give our food to other countries because we have too much! Isn’t it great that we have so many farms and agriculture in this great nation? We truly are a blessed land and have much to be thankful for

I want a Midwestern home a.k.a. farmhouse. Everywhere you go in the Dakotas and parts of Minnesota Iowa and Nebraska you will see old farm houses that dot the land. They are everywhere! Lots of them abandoned and left to rot but still beautiful just the same. The homes are built the way they should be built. They have class and architecture unmatched in other parts of the nation and even the world. The builders at that time took great pride in how they built homes and often left their trademark signatures in the eaves of every home they built.

Can you feel the pride at Mount Rushmore? I’ve been to Mount Rushmore and I’ve seen those great presidents carved into stone and I am awed by the wonder and craftsmanship that brought back great sculpture to life. It reminds me of the hard work that built America and that still builds America.

Are you ready to journey with me through this great land? I am not just writing about something that I wish I had but I’m writing about something that I did have an long to have again. The Midwest has so much to offer and the way of life often resembles old America and the way things used to be. The Great Plains as they are called are sometimes referred to as the flyover states because the west and east sides of the United States are where we usually like to travel back-and-forth for business and pleasure but often we forget what lies right in the middle of us and how it feeds our nation both spiritually and physically. So let’s journey to South Dakota where the wind blows hard and the people are harder. I used to joke that where I’m from the men are men and the women are too! Don’t ever tell any woman I said that! North Dakota the wind still blows but that state boasts some of the lowest employment rate in the nation as well as a lot of oil. Wyoming gets a lot of wind too! That state is full of cowboys from Star Valley to Douglas Wyoming. They are as tough as dirt and take care of the animals in the bitter cold as well as the sunshine. The people are great and it is a great place to visit to take the stress off your mind. Minnesota is where I got to meet my granddad for the first time. How about that? My mom never met her dad because he left the family and felt terrible about it ever cents but I was able to go in and make amends and introduce my mother to her father. Now how cool is that?