I Visited Jesse James’ Gulch

There is a place called Devils Gulch where the famed bank robber Jesse James allegedly made an 18 foot leap with his horse to escape a posse hot on his trail. It is legend of course but many believe he did make the leap and escape to safety.  What do you think?

I visited this place around 2001 and was able to walk along the bridge that over comes the gorge and as I looked across the long bridge and then looked down….it looked almost impossible! Many locals would agree that it could be impossible…but just maybe.

In 1991 there was a cabin built there and became kind of a tourist attraction from then on. Europeans seem to like the area and story the best and the area continues to attract visitors.

Even with the fantastic tail there are those that say that the jump could have happened. An olympic jumper can jump a span of 20 feet with only 2 legs. A horse with all of the muscle from the hind legs and the front legs used as well has some awesome power to back him up for a leap.  A big horse is around 8-feet in length and might be able to jump around twice his size and actually make the jump.

This is a mystery that we will continue to ask for many years to come. I look at the site and having riden horse myself think it may very well be possible if you have the right horse and the guts to do it.