Why I like Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is pretty cool because it represents the hard work of Americans and the achievements that we can have if we work hard and are dedicated. I was able to visit this remarkable site more than 10-years ago and was inspired as I learned how difficult the project was. Check out the video below to find out more:


Think of the lack of machinery they had at that time! It is one thing to carve a huge monument out of granite and quite another when you don’t have modern machinery either. It is important to know who started this project: Gutzon Borglum. This was a man who started from nothing but with perseverance was able to actually come to the point where he found out what he could do with his talents.

He started as a run-away. Gutzon ran away from home many times and never seemed happy at home. He traveled around the world until he finally found out his passion: Sculpting. He was completely broke when he returned to the states.

Gutzon moved to New York and started creating many sculptures that became famous and made him a fortune as well as famous. He also was the lord of a 500-acre farm in Connecticut and had relationships with the rich and famous.

When he came up with the idea of creating a sculpture in a mountain he decided to mortgage his farm in Connecticut to finance it. After a failed beginning of one mountain he was able to partner with a state historian to carve Mount Rushmore and go after his hopes of glory and fame.

Well, the rest is history and the impressive carving now stands as a monument to the man who created it as well as the great leadersĀ it memorialized. So take a little trip up to Rapid City, SD and get to know this part of the country which houses this great monument!