Coming Home From My South Dakota Mission

I served as a Mormon missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I served in North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota and Iowa. It was a huge mission but has blessed my life tremendously. After serving in such areas as Devils Lake, ND, Bemidji, Minnesota (where I met my grandpa for the first time) and even Wagner, Sd where the wind blows and I Missionarytracked in 66 below zero I was able to start thinking about going home. I had served in that mission (South Dakota Rapid City Mission) for 2 years and was ready to see my family.

So I got on the plane in Rapid City and flew home to meet my family at the Las Vegas airport. Boy, was I ever nervous! I had not seen my family in over 2 years and was about to be plunged back into normal life.

So here I was, as nervous as a dog staring at an oncoming train, going down the escalators to meet my mom, dad and siblings who were waiting at the bottom in the baggage claim. I saw them in the corner of my eye and tried not to stare because my heart started pounding so fast I could scarcely concentrate on what I was going to do or say…

After the hugs and the kisses we got into the old family car (a sweet limo pick up would have been amazing! If I did it again I might have called a company for that! Let me give a shout out to my buddy who owns such a company…his website is: As much as I loved my old family car, riding home in a luxury limo would have been awesome and maybe I will do that for my kid someday…

As we drove home, we went past some real estate. Carson Valley real estate has always been a beautiful place I have liked. When we got home, I found out that my brother had gotten a date for me the very next day! Let me tell you that any Mormon missionary cannot date girls while he is on his 2-year mission so this was very weird for me to say the least.

I also started a cleaning and maintenance company and started making money even though it was very little. I was happy to be home and working and trying to figure out what to do with my life…though I missed the Dakotas and the midwestern states terribly. I was able to go back only a couple of months later to help my mom meet her own father for the first time in her life. I will share more on that in my next article.