Hunting in Wyoming

CoyoteIn the latter end of 2000 I was transferred to a place called Douglas, Wyoming where I fell in love with Wyoming, it’s people and country-side…even with the wind. That place is refreshing and part of the old west! For a time I resided in Casper, Wyoming and I knew a guy who liked to hunt coyote for a living. He actually would hang out of a helicopter while hunting these predators!

We got to accompany him one time when he was out hunting. It was in the later afternoon in the fall and he had been hired by a rancher to get rid of the coyotes who were terrorizing his cattle and killing some of them. We found ourselves at the top of a ridge watching as the hunter took out his gun and binoculars to search for the coyotes. The thing that truly set him apart from other hunters however was the fact that he had a very large and loud instrument hooked to his truck that would ‘call’ the coyotes. When he did this it would make the sound of a bunch of yelping dogs and supposedly the coyotes would come running.

Well, he did it and we got onto the top of the ridge, crouched and waited. Nothing. He did it again and we waited some more. The 3rd time he let it go for awhile to see if he could get any luck. After having a long call he would then get down on the ground with his gun and look through the gunsight to see if he could see anything. Still nothing! We nonetheless had fun going out with him and I would do it again.

If you want to try your hand at catching these predators in Wyoming then there is no license required. You can basically show up and start hunting.

Night hunting is also legal…as long as it is done on someone’s private land and of course if you have permission to do so. Wyoming is also the least populous state in the Union and thereby the hunters are fewer making the hunting opportunities spectacular! ¬†The state has less coyotes than Arizona or Texas but with the low number of hunters it is a great place to learn this sport and become successful at it.