It’s gonna get cold South Dakota!

I used to live in North Dakota and found it quite refreshing to actually experience a real winter. You see, when I was growing up in Arizona our winters had very little to no snow and never got much colder than 25 degrees. It was still cold but nothing like the Dakotas!

For example, one day I was in Wagner, South Dakota tracking with my missionary companion and we noticed that the thermostat was showing -66 degrees. Well with only slacks on and a coat you’d think this Arizona boy would get cold but no… blood had thickened up enough to keep me warm during the very cold winters. The only thing I needed was a coat and good overshoes to keep my toes from freezing off! Anyways it was good enough weather to sword fight with large ice cycles.

Another winter, I was living in Douglas, Wyoming and it kind of crept up on us…literally. It was October and the leaves were changing colors and we were enjoying the full autumn colors and temperatures. one night, we had a silent snow storm that blanketed the valley and town so much that the only thing you could hear in the deafening silence was tree limbs breaking from the weight of the snow. It was awesome! It was a dark and cold night but the sounds of breaking limbs in the distance echoed throughout the town and was a new experience for me.

The cold winters in the Dakotas are fun to experience and filled with lots of fun and adventure! It was the first place that I was able to build my own snow cave. The most snow we received in Arizona was about 2 inches of snow in which I was able to build a snowman and keep it in the freezer for a few years…just to remind me of what it was like to have snow!  That all changed once I experienced my first winter in South Dakota.