What attracts so many Nevadans to Costa Rica Vacationing

What attracts so many Nevadans to Costa Rica Vacationing

Costa Rica has long been a favorite vacation spot for locals to Nevada. The ideal surf, luxurious resorts, and endless entertainment options keep them coming back for more. This small, tropical country is well known as the perfect tropical getaway. With the ideal mixture of culture, adventurism, and modern development, people from every corner of the globe have been flocking to this Central American country for their vacation and relaxation needs. Only in recent years, however, has the luxury real estate scene been developed enough to catch the eyes of Nevadan vacation home buyers. More excited than ever, locals of Nevada are quickly snatching up prime luxury condos in Costa Rica. Their reason for choosing Central America is a well-researched one, and as the trend continues, we expect to see more and more states following suit.

Vacation Bliss

Vacationing in Costa Rica is much more than a perfect tropical background. Costa Rica has endless opportunities for vacationers centering around outdoor exploration, tropical food and drinks, rhythmic music, and an exciting city culture. Using their vacation condos as a home base, the typical Nevadan vacationer spends long mornings hiking in nearby nature reserves, trying out new water sports, and signing up for guided adventure excursions. Hot and tired from an active morning, mid-day will bring a cold shower and a tropical, colorful meal. The rest of the afternoon is often used for enjoying condo community activities, such as golf or swimming pools, or lounging on the beach.

Regardless of where these vacationers are from or what their favorite hobbies might be, almost everyone finds a beach front, open-aired bar to enjoy the sunset. The sunsets in Costa Rica are as colorful as the culture, and with so much coast and so many beach front bars and restaurants, it’s a shame to miss even one during your trip. This is a common time for fellow travelers or condo neighbors to visit and share travel stories over some traditional meals and local rum.

Vacation Homes and Income Properties

When Nevadans are looking to invest in vacation properties, they first prioritize the use of their new purchases. Some are looking for a property to be used exclusively for their family vacations, up to four times a year. Others are looking for a vacation property which can be used as an income rental, renting out to short-term tourists while not in use. As the tourism industry booms in Costa Rica, this can be a very profitable side project. And yet others are looking for a vacation home that will eventually transition to a full-time retirement home later in life. Whatever your needs may be, you’ll find options in Costa Rica.

From the cloud forest mountains to the tropical beaches, luxury condos are available with large rooms and elegant features for serious deals. A great example of this is a penthouse recently posted right on the Nicoya Peninsula, a prime area for luxury vacation properties. This penthouse has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, large common areas and top-of-the-line modern amenities. What’s more, the condo is located in a well-known resort community, complete with golf courses, spas, pools, supermarkets, and more. With the best of views and the most luxurious of amenities, the entire sales price is a total of $675,000. For those looking for a budget deal, small modern condos are available beachside for as low as $50,000. You will sacrifice amenities, but still end up with a personal vacationer’s suite in the tropics, so the good life is guaranteed. This makes condos the perfect buy for both buyers on a budget as well as those looking for high-priced luxury resort properties.

With a tropical vacation right outside of your doorstep and a price that can’t be beat, it’s no mystery as to why Las Vegas locals are naming Costa Rica as their favorite vacation investment area.